logstream.hxx File Reference

Stream based logging mechanism. More...

#include <simgear/compiler.h>
#include <streambuf>
#include <ostream>
#include <cstdio>
#include <simgear/debug/debug_types.h>

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class  logbuf
 logbuf is an output-only streambuf with the ability to disable sets of messages at runtime. More...
struct  loglevel
 logstream manipulator for setting the log level of a message. More...
struct  logstream_base
 A helper class that ensures a streambuf and ostream are constructed and destroyed in the correct order. More...
class  logstream
 Class to manage the debug logging stream. More...


#define SG_LOG(C, P, M)
 Log a message.

Detailed Description

Stream based logging mechanism.

Definition in file logstream.hxx.

Define Documentation

#define SG_LOG ( C,
do {                     \
        logstream& __tmplogstreamref(sglog());                      \
        if(__tmplogstreamref.would_log(C,P)) {                      \
        __tmplogstreamref << loglevel(C,P) << M << std::endl; } \
        } while(0)

Log a message.

C debug class
P priority
M message

Definition at line 298 of file logstream.hxx.

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