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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
SGPropertyNode::hash_table::bucketA bucket in a hash table
simgear::BVHSubTreeCollectorVisitor to subcollect parts of an existing bounding volume tree
CompareIndicesComparator class for sorting by index
simgear::ConvertExpression< T, OpType >Convert an operand from OpType to T
simgear::EffectBuilder< T >Builder that returns an object, probably an OSG object
SGPropertyNode::hash_table::entryAn entry in a bucket in a hash table
simgear::expression::ExpParserRegistrarConstructor for registering parser functions
simgear::GeneralNaryExpression< T, OpType >An n-ary expression where the types of the argument aren't the same as the return type
gzfilebufA C++ I/O streams interface to the zlib gz* functions
gzifstream_baseDocument me
simgear::InitializeWhenAddedObject to be initialized at some point after an effect -- and its containing effect geode -- are hooked into the scene graph
logbufLogbuf is an output-only streambuf with the ability to disable sets of messages at runtime
loglevelLogstream manipulator for setting the log level of a message
logstreamClass to manage the debug logging stream
logstream_baseA helper class that ensures a streambuf and ostream are constructed and destroyed in the correct order
mtStructure to hold MT algorithm state to easily allow independant sets of random numbers with different seeds
simgear::NodeAndDrawableVisitorA node visitor that descends into Drawables too
Point3D3D Point class
simgear::PredicateExpression< OpType, Pred >A predicate that wraps, for example the STL template predicate expressions like std::equal_to
simgear::PropPredicateMerge two property trees, producing a new tree
sg_errorAn unexpected fatal error
sg_exceptionBase class for all SimGear exceptions
sg_format_exceptionA format-related SimGear exception
sg_gzifstreamAn envelope class for gzifstream
sg_io_exceptionAn I/O-related SimGear exception
sg_locationInformation encapsulating a single location in an external resource
sg_range_exceptionA range-related SimGear exception
sg_throwableAbstract base class for all throwables
SGAndConditionCondition for an 'and' group
SGBbCacheBillboard helper class
SGBindingAn input binding of some sort
SGBinObjectA class to manipulate the simgear 3d object format
SGBlockingQueue< T >A guarded queue blocks threads trying to retrieve items when none are available
SGBucketA class to manage world scenery tiling
SGCallbackAbstract base class for all callbacks
SGCloudFieldA layer of 3D clouds
SGCloudLayerA class layer to model a single cloud layer
SGCommandMgrManage commands
SGComparisonConditionAbstract base class for property comparison conditions
SGConditionAn encoded condition
SGConditionalBase class for a conditional components
SGConstExpression< T >Constant value expression
SGEnviroVisual environment helper class
SGEphemerisEphemeris class
SGFileA file I/O class based on SGIOChannel
SGFunctionCallback< Fun >Callback for invoking a file scope function
SGGeocClass representing a geocentric location
SGGeodClass representing a geodetic location
SGGuard< SGLOCK >A scoped locking utility
SGInterpTableA class that provids a simple linear 2d interpolation lookup table
SGIOChannelThe SGIOChannel base class provides a consistent method for applications to communication through various mediums
SGLightningA class to render lightnings
SGLimits< T >Helper class for epsilon and so on This is the possible place to hook in for machines not providing numeric_limits
SGLockedQueue< T, SGLOCK >A simple thread safe queue
SGMagVarMagnetic variation wrapper class
SGMaterialA material in the scene graph
SGMatModelA randomly-placeable object
SGMatModelGroupA collection of related objects with the same visual range
SGMatrix< T >3D Matrix Class
SGMethodCallback< ObjPtr, MemFn >Callback for invoking a member function
simgear::SGModelDataAbstract class for adding data to the scene graph
simgear::SGModelLibClass for loading and managing models with XML wrappers
SGModelPlacementA wrapper for a model with a definite placement
SGMutexA mutex is used to protect a section of code such that at any time only a single thread can execute the code
SGNewCloud3D cloud class
SGNotConditionCondition for a 'not' operator
SGOrConditionCondition for an 'or' group
SGPathA class to hide path separator difference across platforms and assist in managing file system path names
SGPropertyChangeListenerThe property change listener interface
SGPropertyConditionCondition for a single property
SGPropertyNodeA node in a property tree
SGPthreadCondA condition variable is a synchronization device that allows threads to suspend execution until some predicate on shared data is satisfied
SGQuat< T >Quaternion Class
SGQueue< T >SGQueue defines an interface for a FIFO
SGRawBase class for SGRawValue classes that holds no type information
SGRawValue< T >Abstract base class for a raw value
SGRawValueContainer< T >A raw value that contains its value
SGRawValueFunctions< T >A value managed through static functions
SGRawValueFunctionsIndexed< T >An indexed value bound to static functions
SGRawValueMethods< C, T >A value managed through an object and access methods
SGRawValueMethodsIndexed< C, T >An indexed value managed through an object and access methods
SGRawValuePointer< T >A raw value bound to a pointer
SGReferencedBase class for all reference counted SimGear objects Classes derived from this one are meant to be managed with the SGSharedPtr class
SGRouteA class to manage a list of waypoints (i.e
SGSerialA serial I/O class based on SGIOChannel
SGSerialPortA class to encapsulate low level serial port IO
SGShadowVolumeA class wich add shadows in a postprocess stage
SGSkyA class to model a realistic (time/date/position) based sky
SGSocketA socket I/O class based on SGIOChannel
SGSocketUDPA UDP socket I/O class based on SGIOChannel and plib/net
SGSoundMgrManage a collection of SGSampleGroup instances
SGSoundSampleManages everything we need to know for an individual audio sample
SGSubsystemBasic interface for all FlightGear subsystems
SGSubsystemGroupA group of FlightGear subsystems
SGSubsystemMgrManage subsystems for FlightGear
SGThreadEncapsulate generic threading methods
SGTimeA class to calculate and manage a variety of time parameters
SGTimeStampAllows you to mark and compare time stamps with nanosecond accuracy (if your system has support for this level of accuracy)
SGTimeZoneSGTimeZone is derived from geocoord, and stores the timezone centerpoint, as well as the countrycode and the timezone descriptor
SGTimeZoneContainerSGTimeZoneContainer is derived from SGGeoCoordContainer, and has some added functionality
SGVec2< T >2D Vector Class
SGVec3< T >3D Vector Class
SGVec4< T >4D Vector Class
SGWayPointA class to manage waypoints
SGWxRadarEchoSimulate some echo on a weather radar
SGXmlSoundClass for handling one sound event
simgear::Singleton< Class >Class that supplies the address of a singleton instance
StopWatchA high resolutions timing class
simgear::TileEntryA class to encapsulate everything we need to know about a scenery tile
TransNegRef< T >Class to distinguish between a matrix and the matrix with a transposed rotational part and a negated translational part
simgear::Effect::UpdaterUpdaters that should be derefed when the effect is deleted
simgear::VariableExpression< T >Access a variable definition
XMLAttributesInterface for XML attributes
XMLAttributesDefaultDefault mutable attributes implementation
XMLVisitorVisitor class for an XML document

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