File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
animation.cxx [code]
animation.hxx [code]
apt_signs.cxx [code]
apt_signs.hxx [code]
asciitab.h [code]
AtomicChangeListener.cxx [code]
AtomicChangeListener.hxx [code]
bbcache.cxx [code]
bbcache.hxx [code]
beziercurve.hxx [code]
bitslib.c [code]
BoundingVolumeBuildVisitor.hxx [code]
BVHBoundingBoxVisitor.hxx [code]
BVHDebugCollectVisitor.hxx [code]
BVHGroup.cxx [code]
BVHGroup.hxx [code]
BVHLineGeometry.cxx [code]
BVHLineGeometry.hxx [code]
BVHLineSegmentVisitor.cxx [code]
BVHLineSegmentVisitor.hxx [code]
BVHMotionTransform.cxx [code]
BVHMotionTransform.hxx [code]
BVHNearestPointVisitor.hxx [code]
BVHNode.cxx [code]
BVHNode.hxx [code]
BVHStaticBinary.cxx [code]
BVHStaticBinary.hxx [code]
BVHStaticData.hxx [code]
BVHStaticGeometry.cxx [code]
BVHStaticGeometry.hxx [code]
BVHStaticGeometryBuilder.hxx [code]
BVHStaticLeaf.cxx [code]
BVHStaticLeaf.hxx [code]
BVHStaticNode.cxx [code]
BVHStaticNode.hxx [code]
BVHStaticTriangle.cxx [code]
BVHStaticTriangle.hxx [code]
BVHSubTreeCollector.cxx [code]
BVHSubTreeCollector.hxx [code]
bvhtest.cxx [code]
BVHTransform.cxx [code]
BVHTransform.hxx [code]
BVHVisitor.hxx [code]
callback.hxx [code]
celestialBody.cxx [code]
celestialBody.hxx [code]
CheckSceneryVisitor.cxx [code]
CheckSceneryVisitor.hxx [code]
cloud.cxx [code]
cloud.hxx [code]Provides a class to model a single cloud layer
cloudfield.cxx [code]
cloudfield.hxx [code]
CloudShaderGeometry.cxx [code]
CloudShaderGeometry.hxx [code]
code.c [code]
code.h [code]
codegen.c [code]
colors.hxx [code]
commands.cxx [code]
commands.hxx [code]Interface definition for encapsulated commands
compiler.h [code]A set of defines to encapsulate compiler and platform differences
condition.cxx [code]
condition.hxx [code]Declarations and inline methods for property conditions
constants.h [code]Various constant definitions
CopyOp.cxx [code]
CopyOp.hxx [code]
coremag.cxx [code]
coremag.hxx [code]
data.h [code]
debug_types.h [code]Define the various logging classes and prioritiess
decode_binobj.cxx [code]
dome.cxx [code]
dome.hxx [code]
DoxygenMain.cxx [code]
easyxml.cxx [code]
  • implementation of EasyXML interfaces
easyxml.hxx [code]Declarations for the SimGear XML parser
Effect.cxx [code]
Effect.hxx [code]
EffectBuilder.cxx [code]
EffectBuilder.hxx [code]
EffectCullVisitor.cxx [code]
EffectCullVisitor.hxx [code]
EffectData.cxx [code]
EffectData.hxx [code]
EffectElement.hxx [code]
EffectElementBuilder.hxx [code]
EffectGeode.cxx [code]
EffectGeode.hxx [code]
ElementBuilder.cxx [code]
ElementBuilder.hxx [code]
ephemeris.cxx [code]
ephemeris.hxx [code]Top level class for calculating current positions of astronomical objects
event_mgr.cxx [code]
event_mgr.hxx [code]
exception.cxx [code]
exception.hxx [code]Interface definition for SimGear base exceptions
ExtendedPropertyAdapter.hxx [code]
extensions.cxx [code]
extensions.hxx [code]
gc.c [code]
geocoord.cxx [code]
geocoord.h [code]
GLBitmaps.cxx [code]
GLBitmaps.h [code]
GLPredicate.cxx [code]
GLPredicate.hxx [code]
GroundLightManager.cxx [code]
GroundLightManager.hxx [code]
hash.c [code]
hashtable.c [code]
hashtable.h [code]
iasciitab.h [code]
intern.cxx [code]
intern.hxx [code]
interpolater.cxx [code]
interpolater.hxx [code]Routines to handle linear interpolation from a table of x,y The table must be sorted by "x" in ascending order
interpolator.cxx [code]
interpolator.hxx [code]
iochannel.cxx [code]
iochannel.hxx [code]High level IO channel base class
iolib.c [code]
iolib.h [code]
jpgfactory.cxx [code]
jpgfactory.hxx [code]
junk.cxx [code]
jupiter.cxx [code]
jupiter.hxx [code]
latin1tab.h [code]
leastsqs.cxx [code]
leastsqs.hxx [code]Implements a simple linear least squares best fit routine
lex.c [code]
lib.c [code]
logstream.cxx [code]
logstream.hxx [code]Stream based logging mechanism
logtest.cxx [code]
lowlevel.cxx [code]
lowlevel.hxx [code]
lowleveltime.cxx [code]
lowleveltime.h [code]
lowtest.cxx [code]
magvar.cxx [code]
magvar.hxx [code]Magnetic variation wrapper class
makeEffect.cxx [code]
mars.cxx [code]
mars.hxx [code]
mat.cxx [code]
mat.hxx [code]
Math.hxx [code]
mathlib.c [code]
matlib.cxx [code]
matlib.hxx [code]
matmodel.cxx [code]
matmodel.hxx [code]
mercury.cxx [code]
mercury.hxx [code]
metar.cxx [code]Interface for encoded Meteorological Aerodrome Reports (METAR)
metar.hxx [code]
misc.c [code]
model.cxx [code]
model.hxx [code]
modellib.cxx [code]
modellib.hxx [code]
ModelRegistry.cxx [code]
ModelRegistry.hxx [code]
moon.cxx [code]
moon.hxx [code]
moonpos.cxx [code]
moonpos.hxx [code]
nametab.h [code]
naref.h [code]
nasal.h [code]
neptune.cxx [code]
neptune.hxx [code]
newbucket.cxx [code]
newbucket.hxx [code]A class and associated utiltity functions to manage world scenery tiling
newcloud.cxx [code]
newcloud.hxx [code]
NodeAndDrawableVisitor.cxx [code]
NodeAndDrawableVisitor.hxx [code]
Noise.cxx [code]
Noise.hxx [code]
obj.cxx [code]
obj.hxx [code]
openal_test1.cxx [code]
openal_test2.cxx [code]
openal_test3.cxx [code]
OSGUtils.hxx [code]
OSGVersion.hxx [code]
oursun.cxx [code]
oursun.hxx [code]
parse.c [code]
parse.h [code]
particles.cxx [code]
particles.hxx [code]
Pass.cxx [code]
Pass.hxx [code]
PathOptions.cxx [code]
PathOptions.hxx [code]
persparam.cxx [code]
persparam.hxx [code]
placement.cxx [code]
placement.hxx [code]
pluto.hxx [code]
point3d.hxx [code]A 3d point class (depricated)
polar3d.hxx [code]Routines to deal with polar math and transformations
precipitation.cxx [code]Precipitation effects to draw rain and snow
precipitation.hxx [code]Precipitation effects to draw rain and snow
PrimitiveUtils.cxx [code]
PrimitiveUtils.hxx [code]
props.cxx [code]
props.hxx [code]Interface definition for a property list
props_io.cxx [code]Started Fall 2000 by David Megginson, This code is released into the Public Domain
props_io.hxx [code]Interface definition for property list io
props_test.cxx [code]
pt_lights.cxx [code]
pt_lights.hxx [code]
QuadTreeBuilder.cxx [code]
QuadTreeBuilder.hxx [code]
ReaderWriterSTG.cxx [code]
ReaderWriterSTG.hxx [code]
RenderConstants.hxx [code]
RenderTexture.cpp [code]Implementation of class RenderTexture
RenderTexture.h [code]Interface definition for class RenderTexture
route.cxx [code]
route.hxx [code]Provides a class to manage a list of waypoints (i.e
routetest.cxx [code]
sample_group.cxx [code]
sample_group.hxx [code]Sample groups contain all sounds related to one specific object and have to be added to the sound manager, otherwise they won't get processed
sample_openal.cxx [code]
sample_openal.hxx [code]
sample_plib.cxx [code]
sample_plib.hxx [code]
saturn.cxx [code]
saturn.hxx [code]
screen-dump.cxx [code]
screen-dump.hxx [code]Dump a copy of the opengl screen buffer to a file
serial.cxx [code]
serial.hxx [code]Low level serial I/O support (for unix/cygwin and windows)
sg_binobj.cxx [code]
sg_binobj.hxx [code]Routines to read and write the low level (binary) simgear 3d object format
sg_file.cxx [code]
sg_file.hxx [code]File I/O routines
sg_geodesy.hxx [code]
sg_inlines.h [code]Various inline template definitions
sg_path.cxx [code]
sg_path.hxx [code]Routines to abstract out path separator differences between MacOS and the rest of the world
sg_random.c [code]
sg_random.h [code]Routines to handle random number generation and hide platform differences
sg_serial.cxx [code]
sg_serial.hxx [code]Serial I/O routines
sg_socket.cxx [code]
sg_socket.hxx [code]Socket I/O routines
sg_socket_udp.cxx [code]
sg_socket_udp.hxx [code]UDP Socket I/O routines
sg_time.cxx [code]
sg_time.hxx [code]Data structures and routines for managing time related values
sg_types.hxx [code]Commonly used types I don't want to have to keep redefining
SGAtomic.cxx [code]
SGAtomic.hxx [code]
SGBinding.cxx [code]
SGBinding.hxx [code]
SGBox.hxx [code]
SGClipGroup.cxx [code]
SGClipGroup.hxx [code]
SGCMath.hxx [code]
SGDebugDrawCallback.hxx [code]
SGDirectionalLightBin.hxx [code]
SGEnlargeBoundingBox.cxx [code]
SGEnlargeBoundingBox.hxx [code]
SGExpression.cxx [code]
SGExpression.hxx [code]
SGGeoc.hxx [code]
SGGeod.cxx [code]
SGGeod.hxx [code]
SGGeodesy.cxx [code]
SGGeodesy.hxx [code]
SGGeometry.hxx [code]
SGGeometryFwd.hxx [code]
SGGeometryTest.cxx [code]
SGGuard.hxx [code]
SGInteractionAnimation.cxx [code]
SGInteractionAnimation.hxx [code]
SGIntersect.hxx [code]
SGLightBin.hxx [code]
SGLimits.hxx [code]
SGLineSegment.hxx [code]
SGMaterialAnimation.cxx [code]
SGMaterialAnimation.hxx [code]
SGMath.hxx [code]
SGMathFwd.hxx [code]
SGMathTest.cxx [code]
SGMatrix.hxx [code]
SGMisc.hxx [code]
SGModelBin.hxx [code]
SGNodeMasks.hxx [code]
SGOceanTile.cxx [code]
SGOceanTile.hxx [code]
SGOffsetTransform.cxx [code]
SGOffsetTransform.hxx [code]
SGPagedLOD.cxx [code]
SGPagedLOD.hxx [code]
SGPickCallback.hxx [code]
SGPlane.hxx [code]
SGQuat.hxx [code]
SGQueue.hxx [code]
SGRay.hxx [code]
SGReaderWriterBTG.cxx [code]
SGReaderWriterBTG.hxx [code]
SGReaderWriterBTGOptions.hxx [code]
SGReaderWriterXML.cxx [code]
SGReaderWriterXML.hxx [code]
SGReaderWriterXMLOptions.hxx [code]
SGReferenced.hxx [code]
SGRotateTransform.cxx [code]
SGRotateTransform.hxx [code]
SGScaleTransform.cxx [code]
SGScaleTransform.hxx [code]
SGSceneFeatures.cxx [code]
SGSceneFeatures.hxx [code]
SGSceneUserData.cxx [code]
SGSceneUserData.hxx [code]
SGSharedPtr.hxx [code]
SGSmplhist.cxx [code]
SGSmplhist.hxx [code]
SGSmplstat.cxx [code]
SGSmplstat.hxx [code]
SGSphere.hxx [code]
SGStateAttributeVisitor.cxx [code]
SGStateAttributeVisitor.hxx [code]
sgstream.cxx [code]
sgstream.hxx [code]Zlib input file stream wrapper
SGText.cxx [code]
SGText.hxx [code]
SGTexturedTriangleBin.hxx [code]
SGTextureStateAttributeVisitor.cxx [code]
SGTextureStateAttributeVisitor.hxx [code]
SGThread.cxx [code]
SGThread.hxx [code]
SGTranslateTransform.cxx [code]
SGTranslateTransform.hxx [code]
SGTriangle.hxx [code]
SGTriangleBin.hxx [code]
SGUpdateVisitor.hxx [code]
SGVasiDrawable.cxx [code]
SGVasiDrawable.hxx [code]
SGVec2.hxx [code]
SGVec3.hxx [code]
SGVec4.hxx [code]
SGVertexArrayBin.hxx [code]
SGWeakPtr.hxx [code]
SGWeakReferenced.hxx [code]
shadanim.cxx [code]
shader.cpp [code]
shader.h [code]
ShaderGeometry.cxx [code]
ShaderGeometry.hxx [code]
shadowvolume.cxx [code]
shadowvolume.hxx [code]
Singleton.hxx [code]
sky.cxx [code]
sky.hxx [code]Provides a class to model a realistic (time/date/position) based sky
socktest.cxx [code]
soundmgr_openal.cxx [code]
soundmgr_openal.hxx [code]
soundmgr_plib.cxx [code]
soundmgr_plib.hxx [code]
sphere.cxx [code]
sphere.hxx [code]
SplicingVisitor.cxx [code]
SplicingVisitor.hxx [code]
star.cxx [code]
star.hxx [code]
stardata.cxx [code]
stardata.hxx [code]
stars.cxx [code]
stars.hxx [code]
StateAttributeFactory.cxx [code]
StateAttributeFactory.hxx [code]
stdint.hxx [code]
stopwatch.hxx [code]Timer class, for use in benchmarking Based on blitz/Timer.h
string.c [code]
StringTable.cxx [code]
StringTable.hxx [code]
strutils.cxx [code]
strutils.hxx [code]String utilities
subsystem_mgr.cxx [code]
subsystem_mgr.hxx [code]
swap_test.cpp [code]
tabbed_values.cxx [code]
tabbed_values.hxx [code]
tabbed_values_test.cxx [code]
tcp_client.cxx [code]
tcp_server.cxx [code]
Technique.cxx [code]
Technique.hxx [code]
testEasyXML.cxx [code]
testmagvar.cxx [code]
TestRenderTexture.cpp [code]
testserial.cxx [code]
testtimestamp.cxx [code]
texcoord.cxx [code]
texcoord.hxx [code]Routine to handle texture coordinate generation
TextureBuilder.cxx [code]
TextureBuilder.hxx [code]
thread-posix.c [code]
thread-win32.c [code]
threadlib.c [code]
TileCache.cxx [code]
TileCache.hxx [code]
TileEntry-Curt.cxx [code]
TileEntry.cxx [code]
TileEntry.hxx [code]
timestamp.cxx [code]Provides a class for managing a timestamp (seconds & milliseconds
timestamp.hxx [code]Provides a class for managing a timestamp (seconds & milliseconds
timezone.cxx [code]
timezone.h [code]Provides SGTimeZone and SGTimeZoneContainer
tr.cxx [code]
tr.h [code]
TreeBin.cxx [code]
TreeBin.hxx [code]
UpdateOnceCallback.cxx [code]
UpdateOnceCallback.hxx [code]
uranus.cxx [code]
uranus.hxx [code]
userdata.cxx [code]
userdata.hxx [code]
utf8lib.c [code]
utf8tab.h [code]
VasiSector.cxx [code]
VasiSector.hxx [code]
vector.c [code]
vector.cxx [code]
vector.hxx [code]Additional vector routines
VectorArrayAdapter.hxx [code]
venus.cxx [code]
venus.hxx [code]
visual_enviro.cxx [code]
visual_enviro.hxx [code]
waypoint.cxx [code]
waypoint.hxx [code]Provides a class to manage waypoints
waytest.cxx [code]
win32-printer.h [code]
xmldef.h [code]
xmlparse.c [code]
xmlparse.h [code]
xmlrole.c [code]
xmlrole.h [code]
xmlsound.cxx [code]
xmlsound.hxx [code]
XMLStaticParser.hxx [code]
xmltok.c [code]
xmltok.h [code]
xmltok_impl.c [code]
xmltok_impl.h [code]
xmltok_ns.c [code]
zfstream.cxx [code]
zfstream.hxx [code]A C++ I/O streams interface to the zlib gz* functions

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