SimGear Anonymous CVS Instructions

Checking out a copy of the source code

The SimGear source code is available via anonymous (read only) cvs. To check out a local copy of the SimGear source, run the following commands:

Development Branch: This is where all new development, new features, and API changes will go.

View the CVS logs and differences online

Now that you are a Developer

Before you can build the executables, you need to do one thing (as a developer) that isn't required if you are just building a regular source distribution. From the top level SimGear directory (the same one that has "", run:

This will create the "configure" script and create all the "" files.

If you have problems running the ./ script, make sure you have both automake and autoconf installed on your system and try again. Now you can run ./configure; make; make install

Keeping your local copy in sync

Finally (and this is the good part) if you cd to the toplevel SimGear source directory (the one that was created with the very first checkout command) and run "cvs update -dP", your local source tree will be automatically synced with the master repository. The "-d" flag automatically adds any new directories that have been created in the repository, and the "-P" automatically removes any old directories that have been removed from the repository.

CVS is pretty smart, so if you have made local changes that don't conflict with any changes to the master repository, cvs should be able to merge the changes together, even when the changes have been made to the same file.

If you have made changes that do conflict with new changes to the master repository, cvs will let you know, and you can go edit the file with conflicts and resolve them.

If you contribute changes or patches, it would be great if you first make sure they are merged with the latest CVS version before submitting them.

Last modified: 5/23/2008
Curtis L. Olson